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I have known Dan for 3 years and he's helped us immensely with our house.

What I appreciate most about him is that he is a great listener, and is very perceptive, even with a client's unspoken wants and needs. Also, Dan is a resourceful and dynamic problem solver - and has provided much thoughtful advice that has proved invaluable to my family. He is very knowledgeable and organized and combined with laser-focused attention he can deliver quickly and beyond my expectations. But most importantly, I believe that it is Dan's genuine and incredible sense of purpose to help others that would make him a successful agent for any client. I would gladly work with him again in the future.

James C.

Dan has this ability to make you feel important, trusted, confident and capable.

His dedication, commitment and hard-working balance perfectly with his cheerful, spontaneous, fun and friendly character. He has this capacity of making the most of everything and even more. Dan has become a precious friend. He has my total trust and I do not doubt that he will be an amazing, dedicated, skilled, caring and enthusiastic Real Estate Agent.

Florence P.

Dan’s dedication to work creates success, whatever Dan touches will be successful, because he puts his heart and soul into it, his skills are endless, but somehow, he balances work with having a family so beautifully.

Dan is hands-on in every aspect of his life. I am not sure how he does it, but to see it in action, is awe-inspiring. I trust Dan completely, he has become a personal friend; he is true to his word, he loves interacting with people, his communication skills are outstanding, he is honest, yet diplomatic, kind and caring. I always felt Dan had my back. We are better people because we crossed his path. I certainly am, thank you, Dan.

Wilma Fuchs

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